Farm Tourism/ Agriculture Tourism in India

Farm Tourism is a new way to get connected with nature when your hectic busy schedules of the city create fatigues and boredom in your life. You know our roots connected to farms from ancient times so it is the main reason that we came back to the farm for some days that gives us satisfaction and mental peace. Your cottage will be surrounded with the orchards and farms where you can experience or have some fun with some activities like meditation with peace, growing plants, picking up the fresh fruits & vegetables and you can milk the cow. In farm tourism the main part of this type of holiday is that we can see how vegetables and fruit are coming from farms. In this we get a chance to communicate with locals and farmers so we could know the cultural part of a destination. Your all food will be prepared with fresh vegetables and milk. 

Main Activities during tour:

  1. Farm visiting
  2. Hiking/ trekking 
  3. Camping if interested
  4. Bonfire
  5. Cow milking
  6. Cooking on fire
  7. Night Jeep Safari 
  8. Cycling
  9. Local Cuisines
  10. River swimming
  11. Sightseeing to nearby popular places

Travel Yug will arrange your farm tour package. You can contact us directly by calling us or drop an enquiry: 

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